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MULACLAB - Graphical interface for audio processing using frame multipliers




When starting the interface, the user is asked to choose the processed signal, named original signal in the interface. Possible signals are .wav files and .mat files containing decompositions preliminarily saved using the mulaclab interface. The interface only handles monochannel signals. So for a multichannel .wav files, the first channel is used as the original signal.

After choosing the original signal, the user is presented with the main interface. This interface is divided in two areas:

  • The right part of the figure contains the visualizations, which represent the spectrograms of the original and modified signals.

    The 'Original signal' visualization is used to display the original signal spectrogram and to graphically define the symbol of the Gabor multiplier that will be applied on this signal.

    The 'Overview of original signal' visualization also represents the original signal spectrogram and can be used for fast zooming and moving of the other visualizations. Zooming and moving is controlled by mouse interaction with the white rectangle displayed on this visualization.

    The 'Modified signal' visualization is used to display the spectrogram of the modified signal after application of the multiplier.

    It is possible to hide the 'Overview of original signal' and 'Modified signal' visulizations using the 'Visualization' menu.

  • The left part of the figure contains panels with tools for user interaction.

    The 'Audioplayer' panel contains the controls for audio playback of the original and modified signal.

    The 'Visualization' panel contains tools used to adapt the display of the visualizations.

    The 'Selection' panel contains tools and information concerning the multilayered selection used to graphically specify the symbol of the multiplier.

Known Matlab limitations:

  • When using Matlab on Linux with multiple screens, there might be a Matlab bug preventing the display of the multiplier symbol. This can be solved by docking the figure.
  • When using a Matlab version prior to 7.3 (R2006b), the rectangle displayed on the 'Overview of original signal' visualization is not automatically updated when using the zoom and pan tools of the 'Zoom' panel. It can be manually updated by re-clicking on the currently selected tool or by changing the current tool.

The Matlab Image Processing Toolbox is required by the mulaclab function.

MULACLAB uses the GPC library available from This library is distributed alongside LTFAT, but under different licensing conditions. Please see the ltfat/thirdparty/gpc/GPC-README.pdf file for the exact conditions.