The Large Time-Frequency Analysis Toolbox

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Download LTFAT

You can have a look at the Sourceforge download page to see all available versions, or just download the latest one by clicking on the button.


To install, simply unpack the package. The toolbox is contained in the 'ltfat' directory and in all the subdirectories. To use the toolbox, start Octave/Matlab, change to the 'ltfat' directory and run the
command. This will set up the necessary paths and perform the necessary initializations.

If you have downloaded a binary package for Windows 7 or MacOS, compiled mex files for 64 bit Matlab are included in the package. Otherwise, you can compile the mex interfaces yourself.

To compile the mex/oct interfaces for faster execution of the toolbox, type the command:

Further installation instructions can be found in the files INSTALL-Matlab and INSTALL-Octave. The currently supported platforms are:
  • Octave 3.4 and higher on Linux. Tested on 32/64 bit Intel/AMD platforms.
  • Octave 3.4 and higher on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 (Windows 8 has not been tested).
  • Octave 3.4 and higher on Mac OS X. Has not been tested, but should work out of the box.
  • Matlab 2009b and later on 32/64 bit Windows (mexext=mexw32 and mexext=mexw64).
  • Matlab 2009b and later on 32/64 bit Linux (mexext=mexglx and mexext=mexa64).
  • Matlab 2009b and later on Mac OS X (mexext=mexmaci and mexext=mexmaci64).