The Large Time-Frequency Analysis Toolbox

- All your frame are belong to us -

  • Zdeněk Průša

    Current maintainer of the toolbox. Has implemented the wavelets, the block-processing routines and revised the C backend.

  • Peter L. Søndergaard

    Original founder of the toolbox. Wrote most of the Gabor routines and the original C backend.

  • Nathanaël Perraudin

    Worked on the mat2doc documentation system and the webpage.

  • Peter Balazs

    One of the original founders and has worked on demos and frames.

  • Nicki Holighaus

    Worked on non-stationary and non-separable Gabor systems and on the CQT.

  • Florent Jaillet

    Created the original implementation of the non-stationary Gabor frames

  • Bruno Torrésani

    One of the original founders and has worked on demos, thresholding and lasso routines.

  • Monika Döerfler

    Worked on spreading functions and best approximation of Gabor multipliers.

  • Christoph Wiesmeyr

    Wrote the algorithms for the non-separable Gabor lattices and the fractional Fourier transforms.

  • Jordy van Velthoven

    Wrote several LTFAT notes and worked on documentation and examples.